Caution & Risk
- Although every effort is made to provide this program, we do not take any responsibility for any actions performed by users using this program and for any damage or loss caused by it. Please understand.
- It sends signals through the Binance API and does not directly handle virtual assets.
- We do not guarantee the principal of the investment and the return on the transaction, and a loss of principal may occur as a result of the investment, and the loss belongs to the investor.
- This program is a program that helps users to trade the way they want.
- Before starting automatic trading, please refer to the precautions.
- All assets checked in the interface are information provided using the exchange API registered by the user, and safety is not guaranteed. Users are requested to carefully manage and trade their API information.
- The asset price applied to the user may fluctuate depending on the size per case, asset quantity (ratio), and customized environment variables.
- Due to sudden price fluctuations or user-customized environment variables, transactions may be made at prices and ratios that users did not expect, and if there is a significant difference from the price at the time, losses may occur compared to holding assets in general.
- All figures shown are estimates and do not guarantee or guarantee the timeliness, suitability or accuracy of the information.
- We do not guarantee unconditional profit, and the user is responsible for the judgment and responsibility for the sale.
- Executed strategy and statistical data may be reflected in contents such as program improvement, service live and guide explanation.




Bitcoin, Ethereum