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Disclaimer and Risk Warning

Thank you for choosing our BotTrade service. While we strive to provide the best possible experience, we want to inform you that we do not assume any responsibility for damages or losses resulting from your actions as a user. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, please note that we do not directly handle virtual assets. We solely transmit signals through the Binance API.

Our program does not guarantee or secure your investment capital or trading profits. There is a risk of capital loss associated with investments, and any such losses are solely the responsibility of the investor.

BotTrade is designed to assist you in trading according to your preferred methods. Before starting automated trading, please carefully review the following cautionary notes:

  • All assets displayed in the interface are provided through your registered exchange API and do not guarantee safety. Please manage and trade with your API information responsibly.
  • The asset prices applicable to you may fluctuate based on per-unit size, asset quantity (ratio), and customized environmental variables. Unexpected trading at prices and ratios different from your expectations may result in losses compared to holding general assets.
  • All displayed figures are estimations, and we do not guarantee the timeliness, suitability, or accuracy of the information.
  • We do not guarantee unconditional profits, and the judgment and responsibility for sales lie with you, the user.
  • The strategies and statistical data generated from your execution may be utilized for program improvement, live services, guide explanations, and other content.

Please take the time to read and understand the above information. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.